10+ Unique Sweet Valentine's Day Gift for Her 2018

Have you picked a Valentine’s Day gift for her? If not, read this article and you will find what she need.

Valentine’s Day is as important as anniversaries for most women. So a unique gift will definitely make your girlfriend or wife happy and know how much you love her. A nice Valentine’s Day present should be the one that she wants. But if you want to give her a surprise or you already bought her many presents before and don’t know what to buy this time, the following recommended gifts list may save you from anxious.

1. Perfume

Each perfume has its own personality and is unique. This present is very challenging as different people like different smells. However if you know her taste well enough, this charming perfume would be an excellent Valentine¡¯s Day gift that shows her how well you know about her and how intimate you are. It is also very romantic that she wears the perfume you choose for her every day.

2. Picture Frame

If she likes taking photographs in the daily life, you can choose a picture frame as a gift for her. Photos are one of the best ways to keep the sweet memories in our life and allow us to recall those precious time when we are old. There are various styles of picture frames online and you can buy the ones fits your house best as a lovely decoration as well.

3. Sexy Lingerie

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is very popular around the world. One reason it is so hot is that the Victoria's Secret Angels are so charming on the sexy costumed lingerie. It is no doubt that all women want to be as perfect as these Angels, but this is only a dream for most of them. However, you can still buy sexy lingerie as a gift for her to tell her that she is the one and only angel in your heart.

4. Movie & TV Shows

If she is not the sexy type and prefers staying at home watching Netflix TV shows or movies rather than going outside, you can buy the complete season or series of the movie or TV for her as a present. You can hold her in the sofa and watch the disc, laughing and talking about it together. This is also a sweet and relaxing choice to spend your romantic Valentine's Day.

5. Book

This gift is a little similar to the TV shows. If she likes reading and you know what book is in her wish list, you can buy it for her. This may not be able to read by you two together, but she will definitely love it, as people who love reading will treasure each book they like. And you can also share the views about this book after you two both finish reading it.

6. Giant Teddy Bear

Every girl has her own doll or puppet in her childhood. But not only children love them. If your girlfriend is cute and childish, you can buy a fuzzy giant Teddy Bear as a present. When you don¡¯t sleep together, she can also hold it in bed to give her more security. Don¡¯t forget to clean the Teddy Bear once in a while as it is easily to collect dust and may cause sneezes.

7. Wine

This is actually a gift for both of you and her as you two will drink the wine together. If you want to cook a nice dinner for her, don¡¯t forget to bring a nice wine. To prepare a nice dinner, you can check online to learn which food matches which wine to make sure everything goes smoothly that night. At dinner you can drink wine while chatting about the things that you are too busy to share with each other at work days.

8. Jewelry

If this Valentine¡¯s Day is very special and means different for you two, you may choose a beautiful designed necklace or bracelets to tell her how important she is for you. No women can say no to jewelry as long as it is given by the one she loves. Also it can be kept forever or passed to your children as an heirloom.

9. Spa or Massage

As economic evolves rapidly, people are more tend to choose a relaxing way to spend their vacation or holidays. After exhausted work, you can have a nice spa or massage together to relief stress both in mind and body. How relaxing it is to just lie down there and get massage and leave all work away! After spa, you both will feel refreshed and loosen up. This would be a best gift to tell you and her how wonderful life is.

10. Scented Aromatherapy Candle

If going outside to take a spa or massage is over the budget for you, don¡¯t be upset. You can buy some scented aromatherapy candles and do it at home for each other. This is even more romantic as you can touch her and ask how she feels. The smell of the candle can also help to relax the mind and make you two closer. After massage, you will both have a nice sweet dream with the delicate scent.

11. Booking a Restaurant

If you are terrible at dinner, then maybe not try to take the risk ruining the romantic dinner. You can take her to one of the restaurants that you both love or the one that has high reviews but might be a little expensive that you haven¡¯t tried before as a gift. Before dinner you may also give her a fresh bunch of rose with some sweet words. Classic dating procedure won¡¯t go wrong any time.

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