20 Cheap and Useful Home Organization Things on Amazon You Should Never Miss

Today, we’re going to share some amazing home organization things on Amazon. They’re not only inexpensive, but very useful!

If searching for something around your house is a part of your life, it's time to break the cycle. Being organized is more than just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle decision that's easier to achieve if you stock your home with the right tools. These 20 clutter-busting essentials handpicked from Amazon will make your days feel easier and less stressful. Let’s start!

1. Adjustable Wall and Door Rack

I think many of you have added this to your home and it’s common to see it in the laundry, pantry or kids’ rooms. Many people love to use it to keep snacks, spices, or cleaning supplies organized. You can just mount it to any wall or door in your home for storage and use damage-free hook to keep it from bouncing off the door upon opening and closing.

2. Mop and Broom Holder

Where do you store your mops and brooms? It seems that wherever these tools are when you’re not using them is a dirty, mess of an area. The quickest way to keep all these things organized is installing a Mop and Broom Holder and I highly recommend this item from Home-it. With 5 position and 6 hooks, this handy storage piece can not only hang mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies in your closet, but hold keys, dog leashes and more.

3. Hammock Toy Organizer

Scattered toys all over the floor often make mothers feel frustrated. If this sounds like you, you should give this cute hammock toy organizer a try. This Storage Hammock is cute, useful and very decorative. It’s a great way to store your kids stuff animals and balls.

4. Storage Baskets

These durable baskets are perfect for holding small pieces like kids’ toys, books, magazines, DVDs, since they can’t slip through and fall out. These totes look like rattan, but are made of quality vinyl and heavy metal, very sturdy and beautiful. There are a variety colors available, so you can choose the color you like to décor and organize your home.

5. Outlet Shelf

If you have an echo dot or an electronic toothbrush and you don’t have a good place to keep it when it’s plugged or charging, this outlet shelf is for you. It’s very easy to install, you're basically just unscrewing your existing cover plate, and putting this one on in its place and cause no damage at all.

6. Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer

I love this sliding basket organizer drawer. I think it’s great for all of you to buy some and put them in your pantry room, cabinet or under sink place. It’s easy to put it together and you can use it to store your makeups, spices, cleaning supplies and more. The drawers slide in and out smoothly and you’ll find it very easy and handy to get what you need.

7. Wall Mount Multi-Purpose Towel Rack

This towel rack is great for small bathroom that has little available storage. You can hang this towel rack to the wall next to your bathtub. Perfect solution! Plus, this rack is very sturdy and stable so you can also use it as a wine rack, in the same time it saves you lots of space.

8.Jewelry & Makeup Organizer

Every beautiful girl should have one to organize their favorite makeup items.

9. Hair Styling Storage Unit

This tool is very useful, at least for women. I used to have a small cabinet and have nowhere to put my hair dryer, brushes and other hair tools. Sometimes I just leave them on the bathroom floor. If your situation is the same as mine, you need a tool to organize these hair tools. This hair styling storage unit will meet all your needs. You can hang it on towel bar, put it on counter, or store it in cabinet. It stores a number of styling items and helps you clear up loads of space in the bathroom.

10. Underwear Organizer

It seems difficult for something small like your panties, bras and socks to be organized. Since there is no specific place to store, just throw everything together seems like the simplest way to “organize” these small pieces. So, maybe you have noticed, it’s always a mess, that’s why the SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider Set is one of the most effective places to store your girly thing (if you’re a guy, you also can own one to store your socks, very convenient).

11. Twirl Tie Rack

This is a great idea for you to organize your ties. In case they’re falling all over and tangling with the rest of the clothes, you can hang all of them on this tie rack and it saves you a lot space too. This item is also a great solution for organizing and storing your belts, jewelry and tank tops.

12. Multipurpose Cable Clips

While you have cable ties, it’s not enough to manage your wire and cable successfully. Sometimes, in order to hide or organize the wire/cable, we also need the cable to exit where required. These Adjustable 3M Self-Adhesive Multipurpose Cable Clips can make our dream come true. Not like cable channel, you can open and close easily and quickly to add or remove cables without trouble with its zipper design.

13. Binder Clips

Binder clips are not only popular in office, but also very useful in many areas around your house.

  • A great bookmark that won't lose your place.
  • Keep bags of chips closed as well as bags of frozen vegetables.
  • Hold a stack of credit cards together in a pocket or bag.
  • Keep curtains closed to keep the light out, great for hotels.
  • Use it to hold electronic cords in place, take the wire out and run the cord through, then replace the wire.
  • Use as a key chain that won't get lost, again by removing and replacing the wire.

---- Margaret P. Brilliant ways to use binder clips

14. Cable Management Box Organizer

If you don’t have enough plug sockets in your home, a few power strips are a necessity. But the frustrating thing is those cords and wires make the family room look messy and ugly. The solution? It’s quite simple and easy, we can just hide all wires even power sockets out of sight with this DMoose Cable Management Box Organizer. Just set your power cords or surge protectors inside the box along with that extra length of cables, close the lid and you're done! The size of the box is big enough to conceal all those ugly looking cables around and keep your cables ensemble safe, dirt-free, and controlled.

15. Slide Out Storage Tower

Personally, I think this Slide Out Storage Tower is a great idea to utilize tight spaces. You’ll love it if you’re looking for a perfect space to store cleaning supplies in a tiny bathroom, food items like spice or nuts that don’t need to be refrigerated and other accessories. With the slim design and smooth-rolling wheels, you can just slide it between the refrigerator and cabinets, next to the washer/dryer, beside a bathroom vanity or anyplace where you need extra storage. Over 1.5+ customers on Amazon have bought it, and I think you also can’t go wrong with this item.

16. Stackable Can Rack Organizer

Do you stock up on canned goods when they're on sale? Many of them have long expiration dates, so they're worth stocking up on. But storing them can be tricky. You can solve that by picking up the Deco Brothers Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer for $44.99 on Amazon. It’s very sturdy and can help you store up to 36 cans, so you can keep cans organized and easily find what you need without knocking everything else down in the process!

17. Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer

Perfect for expanding and organizing your storage space in the kitchen cabinet. Very useful! (See photo above).

18. Stainless Steel Lazy Susan

This revolving rotating stainless steel Lazy Susan is great for storing and serving condiments, napkins, spices, food, dips, and more. Its two-tier design allows for twice the storage, and of course the revolving function makes reaching them east from any side. A beveled safety edge prevents items from sliding off, especially when someone gives it a too-hard spin. Smooth ball-bearing action rotates with just a touch!

19. Pan Organizer Rack

If loose pans clutter up your cabinets and cupboards, you should consider investing a pan organizer rack. This pan organizer rack is also from Deco Brothers and it’s perfect for organizing pans and lids. You can use this pan organizer both horizontally and vertically to maximize storage space in your kitchen cabinets.

20. Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispense

Looking for a simple and visually appealing way to store all of those plastic shopping bags in your home? Then you should take a look at this Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser from simplehuman. The construction materials are premium and it looks very simple, modern and sleek. Besides, it stores up to 30 plastic grocery bags and keeps the bags stored nicely easy to use.

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