2018 - 2022 Sparkle Five Year Planner: 2018-2022 Monthly Schedule Organizer - Agenda Planner for the Next Five Years/60 months calendar - 8.5 x 11 ... (5 year Diary/5 year Calendar/Logbook)

$9.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • Author: Tashena Ebanks
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Print Length: 132 pages
  • Product Description:

    INCLUDES: 1 five-year planner for 2018 to 2022 including December 2017 and January 2023. Cover is high gloss finish; inner pages are printed on thick acid-free, high quality durable paper. Perfect bound to secure pages for the next three years and beyond.

    USEFUL & HANDY GRID BOX DESIGN: Each monthly page has a grid design which affords enough room (large date boxes) to record and plot events for the future at a glance. Imagine, three calendars in one place with recording space. Functional and efficient, fits perfectly beside a desk, keyboard, nightstand, affords for daily notes.

    PLAN AHEAD: Use the 3-year planner to arrange and co-ordinate your important events. You will be sure never to forget important dates with this simple and easy to carry around planner. Perfect alternative or supplement to your phone or computer.

    GOAL SETTING: A goal without a deadline is a dream, says the old adage; so go ahead and set your goals, use the planner to keep you in check so that you will meet your deadline. Inspire action, remove procrastination and get things done with the Three Year Planner.

    ESSENTIAL FOR: Family appointments, Planning ahead, Scheduling of appointments and events, Volunteer support, Caring for the elderly in recording their appointments, medication, perfect for 'come-back' medical visits, upcoming weddings, anniversaries, holiday planning, work schedules, booking entertainment, business planning, long-term note taking, makes for easing reporting.

    SIZE: 8.5 X 11inches.

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