ESCO 20390 Pro Series Air Tire Bead Seater Tank, 5 Gallon Capacity, Commercial Grade Esco

$169.95 (FREE Shipping)
  • QUICK/SIMPLE: Inflate tire to seat the bead on the wheel/rim, works for all tires from ATV to 24. 5 truck tires
  • QUALITY: Welded tab on barrel locks securely on the rim edge for better control of air discharge
  • ACCURATE: Fill tank with compressed air from any standard shop compressor to the recommend operating pressure of 80-120 PSI with the built in air pressure gauge
  • CERTIFIED: Heavy duty all steel construction 5 gallon tank is CE and AMSE certified
  • SAFE: Long threaded barrel allows you to easily operate tank at a safe distance and helps you position to an optimal 45 degree angle between the tire and rim.
  • Tank Dimensions 18 in. x 10 in.
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