2Klawz Hair Comb for Men - Hair and Beard Comb with Wide and Fine Teeth Full Size 7" Combination Comb - Best Man Comb Grooming Gift Special Gift For Mens comb Clark Kent Comb Brush BushKlawz

$9.97 (FREE Shipping)
  • THE ULTIMATE MAN COMB - BushKlawz Full Size Comb is the absolute best comb to tame your mane and master ALL of your hair.
  • FINE and WIDE TEETH - This comb is perfect for both short, medium, long, thin, thick, curly, straight or any type of hair in between.
  • ANTI-STATIC - Made from pure Pearwood, BushKlawz comb's are designed and crafted so that you are the master of your hair. No static buzz frizz here.
  • SOLID DESIGN - Hold this comb in your hand and you'll know what a solid comb feels like. It is 4x heavier than typical plastic combs.
  • NO OVERBEARING STINKING WOOD - Crafted from quality Pearwood, BushKlawz combs don't have an overbearing scent. This comb will take on the scent of your favorite beard oil or balm with each use.
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