303 Spray Wax and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant - Car Cleaner with Carnauba Wax- Cleans Water Spots - Repels Dirt, Dust and Debris, 16 fl. oz. 303 Products

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Size: 16 Fl. Oz.16 fl. oz., (Pack of 6) See More Choice
  • 303 Spray Wax detailer is the fastest solution for making your car shine. This formula is a gentle car cleaner that helps remove water spots, dust, and other debris from the hard surfaces on your car, while leaving a protective layer on your paint that will help repel these elements for up to 90 days. It also contains a superior UV protection that lasts up to 30 days to prevent color fading.
  • Safe for use on gel coat, clear coat, paint, fiberglass, plastics, clear plastics, chrome and stainless steel, and other non-porous surfaces.
  • Contains Carnauba Wax. This detailer can be applied to either a wet or dry surfaces.
  • 303 Spray Wax is a quick and easy to use spray on formula that comes in a 16 fl. oz. bottle with trigger sprayer.
  • Works great as a drying aid, for added protection
  • Store at 60°F - 90°F (15°C - 32°C)
  • Made in the U. S. A.
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