3D MAXpider Semi-Custom Fit Wintect All Season Windshield Cover - (Black/Silver) (56" x 47" x 63") 3D MAXpider

$32.39 (FREE Shipping)
Color: black/silver
Size: 56 inches x 47 inches x 63 inches55 inches x 53 inches x 61 inches59 inches x 47 inches x 65 inches See More Choice
  • Innovative magnetized "place-and-go" tab for easy positioning the Wintect cover onto metal door frame in seconds
  • Patent-Pending mesh to improve air channelling and keep the Wintect cover from being blown off in windy condition. Together with reinforced anchoring loop to hitch on the car chassis
  • Wintect cover can withstand in severe windy condition
  • Semi-Custom fitment with 7 available sizes to protect the windshield with optimized coverage
  • Durable fabric withstand in severe weather condition year round. UV reflective coating effectively block out heat and protect wipers from deterioration in hot weather
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