AMAZENAR 2-Pack 1157 BAY15D 7528 2057 2357 P21/5W Extremely Bright Amber / Yellow LED Light,Non-Polarity 10-30V-DC 5050 18 SMD Replacement Bulb For Turn Signal Light Tail Lamps AMAZENAR

$9.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • (Set of 2 Bulbs)- 18SMD 5050 Chipsets Amber / Yellow high brightness chips per bulb,Working Voltage:12V-24 DC & AC,Size: 1.78" (45mm) x 0.62" (15.8mm) - Output current:230ma(DC-12V) - Power: 2.7W - Flux:250Lum
  • The latest design of LED car lights products for vehicle Interior RV Camper Lighting ,Compatible for all Japanes cars , also for American cars lights【Please Note: This item is Not canbus led bulbs,LED bulbs have lower wattage comparing with the stock bulbs, you might need to add 50W 6-Ohm LED Light Load Resistor Kit to solve the from hyper flashing, malfunction or trigger warning message on dashboard.
  • Standard BAY15D base interface,,Can usually be used as 1016, 1034, 1157, 1157A, 1178A, 1196, 2057, 2057A, 2357, 2357A, 2357NA, 2397, 3496, 7528, .Please NOTE: this is the BAY15D Base (diameter 15mm,Both pins are at the different height) instead of BA15D Base (diameter 15mm,Two pins are at same heights)
  • This product is inspected for constant lighting for a fixed time at constant voltage power supply (12V-24V) corresponding to load fluctuation. However, when using this product with a hybrid vehicle with high voltage and charge control mounted vehicle, the life of the LED bulb may be shortened due to the large electrical load to the bulb, such as flashing or not lit. Please be sure to confirm the highest voltage of the vehicle type and the voltage at idling.
  • What our bulbs is different from others 18 SMD bulbs in the market is that our bulbs have Additional heat dissipation aluminum ring which make the light bulb Low heat, safe to touch, and instantly bright, Rapid cooling, ensure lamp long life,Driving malfunction rate reduction,Increase traffic safety. Buy with confidence! We offer "ONE YEAR" warranty on item(s) damaged during delivery or have a confirmed manufacturer defect.Any questions, please contact us promptly
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