AUXMART Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit Fit 2003-2007 Ford F-Super Duty 6.0L 3C3Z-9T517-AG 3C3Z9T517AG AUXMART

Size: Fuel Pressure Regulator KitPowerstroke GT3782VA Turbo Rebuild Kit See More Choice
  • Fitment: Apply to any Ford F-super duty truck(2003-2007) with 60.L PowerStroke diesel engine (not van) Such as F250,F350,F450,F550,Excursion
  • color: grey Heavy duty metal construction Part Number: 3C3Z-9T517-AG(2)W302472,(4)W303659 Instructions: not included
  • Avoid damage to fuel injectors, poor starting, engine hesitation and loads of other issues cause by low fuel pressure Enhance fuel injector reliability for a quieter engine performance
  • Designed to maintain fuel pressure at idle/driving/ wide open throttle Increase fuel pressure 40 to 60psi instantly, reduce spool time
  • A Full Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit has 1xOrifice-air bleed,1x Seat-valve pressure regulator 1x Cover-fuel pressure regulator, 1x Poppet-pressure regulator valve 1xO'ring- valve seat, 1x Spring- regulator valve, 1x Seal- Regulator V poppet 4x Screw(M5 x 18), 1x O'ring(11mm O.D. x 2mm), 1xO'ring(6.6mm I.D. x 2mm) 1xO'ring- fuel filter heater thermostat
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