100% Natural Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder 4 oz for All Natural Teeth Whitening with Bentonite Clay- Professional Fluoride Free Teeth Whitening that Polishes Teeth & Freshens Breath First Botany Cosmeceuticals

$14.50 (FREE Shipping)
  • ALL NATURAL TOOTH AND GUM POWDER: Great alternative for natural teeth whitening treatment without using any chemicals or bleach. More effective and safer than teeth whitening strips, gels, pen, lights & other whitening products that can strip your tooth enamel.
  • WHITENING INGREDIENTS: Activated charcoal works by pulling stains off your teeth through a process 'adsorption'. Coconut is the purest form of food-grade charcoal. Bentonite is great for the remineralizing your teeth due to it's high mineral content. It also absorbs toxins naturally, and is easy on your gums. A natural teeth whitener, orange seed oil helps smooth your teeth whitening experience.
  • MADE IN USA: Our unique formula whitens your teeth over time, and helps remove stains from a number of causes: coffee-stains, wine, cigarettes, and more - all without harsh chemicals or bleach. It is made In USA. Its cruelty-free. You won't find any fluoride, hydrogen peroxide, surfactant, or GMO in this activated coconut powder.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The teeth whitener charcoal powder can be messy if you're not careful, but is easily wiped up. We have 100% satisfaction guarantee on our product.
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