Travel Adapter, Rdxone Universal Plug Adapter for Europe, Italy, Ireland, UK, AU, Asia, Over 150 Countries, with 2 USB Adapter (2PCS) Rdxone

$29.99 $49.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • ✪ Rdxone travel adapter with both onboard fuse and spare fuse.,all can be took out.Backup fuse [located at UK pin side] can be replaced to another fuse [located at US/AU pin side]-【Replace the fuse, please refer to the instructions carefully】
  • ✪ Rdxone Universal Plug Adapter has two lights, one indicating that it is receiving power from the wall and the other indicating that the connected USB device is getting it very easy to tell the status of each row.
  • ✪ Rdxone Universal Adapter has Dual USB Ports , Rdxone universal plug adapter Compatible with almost all USB devices. Rdxone adapter has many configurations allowing you to use it in many countries across Europe, North America, most of Asia, and most of the South Pacific.
  • ✪ I love how this also stores the different adapters within it itself! Rdxone World Travel Adapter,Well made and pratical quality construction, And it's pretty small too, so it doesn't take too much space in your backpack.It also comes with a fabric carry pouch.
  • ✪ Rdxone Worldwide Travel Adapter,Approved for FCC, ROHS, CE certification. Patent Protected Built to Last, Solve all major problems of universal outlet travel adapter. ATTENTION - This travel adapter does not convert voltage. Make sure your travel device is compatible with the countries voltage you are travelling too!
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