Alkaline Water Drops With Natural Antioxidant 2oz, Water Purifier Filter Filtration, Supports Detox Cleanse, Weight Loss & Immune System Promotes A Healthy Alkaline Diet, pH Balance For Drinking Water HealthyWiser

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  • ⭐️CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE, AND EASY TO USE⭐️ Just add pH booster drops to alkalize your normal drinking water and to safely boost your pH levels; No need to buy expensive bottled alkaline water when you can get the same effect using alkaline drops
  • ⭐️RAISES YOUR WATER'S PH TO OPTIMAL LEVELS⭐️ Just add 6 drops to 8oz of water four times per day and feel the difference; Offset acidity by adding drops to your coffee or tea or your favorite beverage; Stir before drinking
  • ⭐️GREAT FOR PHYSICALLY ACTIVE PEOPL⭐️ pH water helps replace electrolytes and trace minerals lost during exercise or heavy physical activity; Bottled water purifier drops are easy to tuck into your pocket, backpack, or gym bag so you'll always have access to great tasting alkaline water
  • ⭐️HELPS NEUTRALIZE ACIDITY⭐️ Coffee, tea, soda and diet can increase the acidity in your system and cause discomfort. Drinking alkalized water boosts your pH levels and helps reduce acidity in your system
  • ⭐️PERFECT FOR ALKALINE AND DETOX DIETS⭐️ These pH booster drops are infused with 100% natural antioxidants and alkalizing fruit extracts that go perfectly with your alkaline or detox diet; Flavorless formula doesn't interfere with the taste of your beverage or food so they can be virtually used in everything
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