Arctic Purity Spot Fade Serum 50ml - Natural Dark Spot Corrector for Skin Lightening Fades Age and Sun Spots & Total Face Brightening Treatment BIOAgeLess

  • ★ LIGHTER , BRIGHTER ,& WHITER SKIN - See results fast with the Best & Purest formula Guaranteed to show results! Try BioAgeless Spot Fade Serum for a strong & effective combination of enriched peptides & vitamins proven to combat skin discoloration as well as the appearance of fine lines & deep wrinkles & puffiness which come naturally with age. These ingredients are highly effective in restoring & maintaining skin brightness, nourishing the skin & reducing the appearance of dark spots.
  • ★ FADES OUT DARK SPOTS - This Serum is proven to provide maximum Skin Brightening , Dark Spots & Rings Correction, Skin Discoloration And Hyperpigmentation Repair. Our powerful dark spot corrector and skin bleach lotion is recommended for all hyper pigmentation problems, and it really works!
  • ★ REPAIR - RESTORE & REGENERATE SKIN - In addition to its skin brightening miracle results, BioAgeless enhances & restores firmness and elasticity to the skin, & is a marvellous Face Serum and Eye Gel all in one - even on the neck. Our formula also acts as a moisturizer & provides anti aging, anti wrinkle, & skin tightening effects which bring youthfulness & radiance to the skin. The effects of our formula are unmatched & you will see improvements within weeks!
  • ★ EXCELLENT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - This creamy & smooth combination of skin rejuvenating elements is made with purified Canadian water and is excellent for sensitive skin. Our anti aging formula is GUARANTEED to provide incomparable skin lightening, moisturizing, and skin renewing results with NO harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances
  • ★ 100% NATURAL BOTANIC EXTRACTS deeply & effectively nourish the skin all year round in every season! The purest bioactives, enriched minerals and vitamins A & E work in harmony to nourish, smooth & restore silky soft skin & enhance overall radiance and youthfulness. Laden with powerful antioxidant and anti aging properties, the natural nutty, woody, earthy scent of cold pressed cherry kernel, raspberry and carrot seed oils is not to be confused with rancidity.
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