EMF Protection Faraday Bag for All Cell Phones & Protector for Car Key Fobs - Blocks Harmful Radiation & Prevents Tracking, Cloning, Hacking and Car Theft Armadillo Pro-Tec

$14.97 $29.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • Why let thieves steal your car and your money, hack your personal data and track your location when the solution is so simple? Simply pop your car keys, cell phone, credit cards, USB stick, crypto wallet or passport into this signal blocking bag for complete protection.
  • The latest high tech fabric is used to create a faraday shield around your devices. Did you know that a smartphone never really shuts down? It remains searchable and hackable until you use a Faraday shield. Not only does this shield stop thieves and hackers, it also stops harmful radiation from your devices. Signals and radiation like RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, EMI, EMF and EMP are blocked. The pouch further stops booster signals that thieves use to gain entry to your car.
  • Roomier than most other RFID signal blocking bags. Fits all smartphones, including the latest, largest cell phones. Enough room in each bag for 1 large cell like a Samsung Note or iPhone XS Max AND a car key fob along with your credit cards or USB sticks.
  • Easier and more silent to open and close than most other Faraday bags. A magnet closure makes it easy and silent to get your devices out whenever you want without making lots of noise. The bag has a Velcro in addition to the magnet, however this is just an added feature. Your devices are kept perfectly secure even just using the magnet closure.
  • We trust the quality of this product and what it promises to do and therefore offer a life time warranty . In addition to being a necessity for staff to keep corporate information safe and secure it is also a very thoughtful present for friends and family to stay safe from thieves and radiation. The usable inner dimensions are 4x7 inches. The outer dimensions are 5x8.5 inches.
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