Ovvio Oils Top Aromatherapy Blends Gift Set Inhale - Respiratory Relief | Unwind - Stress Relief | Enhance - Mood Lifting | Slumber - Natural Sleep | 4 Full Size 15ml Bottles Ovvio Oils

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: We choose only the very best essential oils from the places of the world where the soil and climate conditions are optimal for high quality harvests to create our blends. Our therapeutic grade oils are never diluted and are 100% Pure, 100% all-natural, organically grown and chemical free
  • SLUMBER: A blend of eight premium essential oils, Slumber instantly relaxes the restless mind, calms anxious thoughts, brings peace, and soothes the body, helping you to naturally slip into a sound sleep with peaceful dreams. Throw away the bottle of sleeping pills and break your dependence on medication for a good night's sleep. It is safe for kids and adults and is non-habit forming
  • INHALE: The essential oils used in Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend ratios have been specially formulated and blended by our expert team, which has over 30 years of experience, to help cool, dilate, and sooth the respiratory system. It suppresses swelling and mucus, and opens up airways allowing for deeper breaths. Helping you breathe, relax and sleep much more peacefully
  • UNWIND: Unwind brings together the goodness of eight different essential oils, handpicked for their properties which help relax and de-stress.The essential oils calm nerves, reduce anxiety, eliminate stress, and help the calm the mind. They also have anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties
  • ENHANCE: A rich, aromatic fragrance will fill the air as you pour a few drops into the diffuser or rub diluted on the soles of your feet. The joyful, sweet floral aroma combines with blissful citrus scents and warm spicy tones that will boost your spirits and smell as if you are living in a garden of paradise. The blend cleanses negative energy, are relaxing, calming, relieve stress, build confidence, elevate mood, bring joy, support self love, and fill you with positive energy and cheer
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