Autel MaxiSys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner with Bi-Directional Control, Key Fob Programming, ECU Coding, ABS Bleeding Brake (Advanced Version of MaxiDAS DS708 DS808) Autel

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  • Advanced Autel scanner: A diagnostics scanner with Bi-directional controls advanced obd2 capabilities and initializations/ adaptations as well. Supports key fob programming, program modules, ECU coding, Injector coding, TPMS monitoring and reset, ABS bleeding brake, graphing and merging of data
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools: Reset Oil Service, ABS, Airbag, EPB, SAS, DPF regeneration, BMS. Calibrate weight sensor, Relearn the idle tops system, Reset transmission CVIs, Relearn crankshaft position, Reset window, Cycle the abs system to evacuate air, Reset Electronic Power Steering, Access the BCM, Recalibrate/ reset the havoc blend door actuators
  • Superior hardware: Built with Exons 5260 6-core processor that offers 50% increase in speed versus competing products, a 32G SSD hard drive and an 8" capacitive HD touch screen, the revolutionary multitask-capable Android Operating System, combined with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics, the Marxists is the perfect diagnostic solution for shops and technicians who demand unrivalled smart technology and smart repairs
  • Smart obd2 scan tool: Supports full OBD2 functions, perform live tests, power-balance test, leak down test, active tests, actuations, adaptations, matching. Battery for up to 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Extensive OE-Lever vehicle coverage: Global OBD II coverage for U. S. domestic, Asian and European makes and models. 12-month for any quality problems and free software update via Wi-Fi
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