Vehicle Car Trash Can Bin - Auto Trash Garbage Bag Hanging Container as Automotive Small Car Wastebasket Trashcan Easy Clean Leak-proof for Keeping Any Truck Cleaner and Clutter Free Perfect Life Ideas

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  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE STRAP WITH QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE MAKES REMOVING EASY. The car trash bag hanging can fits onto back of headrest of most cars, autos, trucks, minivans, suv's in mere seconds. Quick release snap buckle makes it easy, simple and quick to strap on or remove that even a child could do it. If you put the auto car trash container on the back of the passenger seat, you can easily reach it while driving.
  • ✅ EASY REACH AND CONVENIENT FOR KIDS IN BACK CAR GARBAGE TRASH CAN. The car trashcan straps onto the back of the headrest of most vehicles and make it convenient and easy to reach for kids in the back of the car as it is strapped on the back of the car backseats. There is no need to bend down to the floor of the car to put auto trash garbage debris in.
  • ✅ LEAK-PROOF LINING PROTECTS YOUR VEHICLE'S INTERIOR. Keep your car, auto truck, suv, rv, automotive clean and clutter free with this leak-proof auto trash garbage can. Made from durable nylon with a leak-proof lining, this car trash holder wastebasket can keep spills off of your vehicle's floor and keeps all of your trash, garbage, debris, waste and disposables contained.
  • ✅ FOLDS UP FLAT FOR SPACE SAVING STORAGE WHEN NOT NEEDED. Conveniently designed to collapse and fold flat to a size 9.25 inches wide x 5.25 deep x 0.75 to store conveniently in the car back seat pocket of most vehicles or even in the glove compartments of most autos and cars. Keeps your car organized, clean and neat at all times.
  • ✅ ALL IN ONE SOLUTION FOR ORGANIZATION OF AUTO CAR TRUCK VEHICLE. So useful solution! It's not very bulky and it's lightweight and very easy to clean out. This pop up car trash can is very well made and sturdy. It's made out of a waterproof material and it is also leak proof. Convenient and compact size in inches 10.5 tall x 9.25 wide 7.0 deep fits most vehicles and does not rob you of rear-seat legroom.
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