Autotek ATS693 ATS 3-Way Full Range Speaker, 6 x 9-Inch, Set of 2 Autotek

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  • BUILT STRONG TO PROVIDE POWERFUL SOUND - Giving you minimal distortions from flex or ringing so you get crystal clear harmonics and high-quality audio.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANT - Stay dry an pretected from rain, or splashing with the protective moisture resistant rubber surround. This offers a high mid-bass output with crystal clear audio.
  • PURE COPPER VOICE COIL - The pure copper coil makes for a strong magnetic field and very thin extrusion so that you will get more pure and clean music without getting any interference and distortions.
  • VENTED HOUSING - The vented aluminum former makes it easy to keep temperatures low while in use. No need to worry about overheating your system.
  • EASY CONNECTIONS - The spade connections are designed for the most secure and high-quality connections as well as being easily installed. For a more permanent installation, you may solder the connections as well.
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