Bamshoot Upgraded 50 Miles TV Antenna Long Range Digital Free HDTV Antenna Amplifier TV Indoor Antenna Clear Home High Reception Best Indoor Antenna for TV with 16ft Cable USB TV Tuner - Black Bamshoot

  • Cord Cutting and Never Pay Your Cable or Satellite For Television Again! -- Casting off the yoke of your cable or satellite TV provider, is ever-more popular these days as people binge watch shows available online. But Netflix and Hulu won't get you everything. To receive free local and live network HDTV channels (including news and sports), simply attach our Bamshoot HDTV Antenna to your TV.
  • Svelte and Sticky Indoor HDTV Antenna with High Reception Performance -- The Bamshoot Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna design with rectangular antenna configurations in favor of a flat. The sticky side has enough adhesive to ensure it will cling to a window or painted wall, while still allowing you to easily reposition the antenna without having to peel off stickers that can damage paint and plaster.
  • The Best Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna to Receive Signals from Broadcast Towers -- The Bamshoot Indoor HDTV Antenna has a 50-plus-miles range rating. In our metropolitan location tests, However, That's more than the average channels received by our amplified antennas, better than every other antennas we've tested.( Warm Tips: Before checkout your order, please login the site to see the position of broadcasters in your area )
  • 16Ft Long F-type Cable - To help you find the right spot, the Bamshoot Digital HDTV Antenna comes with a 16-foot-long cable, which gives you more flexibility for finding the optimal location for best signal tv reception.( or for concealing the antenna behind a bookcase, blinds or television).
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE 30 DAY BACK MONEY GUARANTEE - 12 MONTH WARRANTY: Please rest assured that you have made the right purchase, Our Indoor HDTV Antenna is your best choice. We are pretty confident about the quality of our products that is why it comes with a 12 month warranty.
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