Battery Tender 027-0004-KIT DC Power Connector/Trolling Motor Plug is an Onboard Connector for DC to DC Connections. Perfect Battery Connections to Trolling Motors, Navigational Electronics or Any DC Accessory, 2" x 3.25" x 3.5", Black Battery Tender

$58.35 $69.95 (FREE Shipping)
Style: L-shaped and linearLinear only See More Choice
  • L-Shape and Linear configuration makes for an quick and easy connection from your trolling motor to the boat battery terminals
  • DC power connector, top quality electrical contacts are corrosion resistant Stainless Steel for extra long life
  • Vibration resistant lock delivers consistent stability on your boat power connection, generator, golf cart and other DC to DC connection
  • It's rated for 12v-48v DC at 80 amps and UL recognized component
  • 5-year warranty will provide you peace of mind as we stand behind all our Battery Tender products
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