Bolt Power D28-Ultimate 500 Peak Amps 12V Car Jump Starter for Cars & Trucks [up to 5 Liter V4, V6, V8 Engines] and 13600mAh Portable Battery Pack Phone Charger Bolt Power

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  • Bolt Power D28 lithium portable jump starter rated at 500 Amps is capable to jump start Cars, Boats, Trucks, Tractors, SUV, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers and more.【Gasoline engine: under 5 liters】【Diesel engine: under 3.5 liters】
  • Versatile Features: Car jump starter automobile 12-volt emergency car jump starter, 4-in-1 mobile phone power station, 7-in-1 laptop charger
  • Starting current: 250 amps, peak current: 500 amps. Built-in 13600mAh power bank with 12V/16V/19V DC output, it features a key switch to choose different voltages, LED indicator showing the status, 7-in-1 laptop adapters fitting for various brands of laptops
  • Combines 4 mobile adapters in one USB 5V/2.1A port, which makes it convenient to charge four mobile devices such as smart phone, MP3/MP4, GPS, camera and PSP simultaneously
  • Storage temperature -20 Fahrenheit (°F) to 130 Fahrenheit (°F). Battery life can hold up to 3 months in your back trunk without needing to be recharged. The LED emergency light has 3 modes (high, strobe and SOS) and can last 120 hours
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