Bolt Power D29 900 Peak Amps 12-Volt Car Battery Jump Starter for Cars, SUV, Heavy Duty Trucks, Motorcycle (up to 6.5 Liter V4, V6, V8 Engines) & 18000mAh Power Bank Portable Pack Charger

  • Bolt Power D29 lithium portable jump starter rated at 900 Amps is capable to jump start Cars, Boats, Trucks, Tractors, RV, SUV, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers and more.
  • Built-in 18,000mAh battery pack with dual USB port provides 2 times faster charge to mobile phones, tablets and other 5V USB devices at speeds up to 2.1 amps per port.
  • Ultra Bright Flashlight: Built in flashlight has three modes (solid beam, strobe & SOS)
  • Digital Display: Monitors charge level of internal battery and USB output amperage.
  • Storage temperature -20 Fahrenheit (°F) to 130 Fahrenheit (°F). Upgraded heavy duty jumper clamps has built-in circuit protection; it is perfect for vehicle jump starting in all weather conditions.
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