Syneticusa 3157 Red LED Stop Brake Flash Strobe Rear Alert Safety Warning 12-LED Light Bulbs Syneticusa

$14.83 (FREE Shipping)
Color: Red
Size: 315711577443 See More Choice
  • Please try the troubleshooting steps below if you encounter any of the following issues, or contact us through a message for more assistance, we would love to help, negative ratings would not resolve the issue you have.
  • For bulbs that do not turn on (do not work after plugged in)- you can try adjusting the pins on the led bulb and retest,
  • there could sometimes be some minor connection issue. If that does not work, please try rotating the bulb plug 180 degree
  • Advantage: Non-polarity design,Compatible for both CK/SRCK and Standard socket.
  • This test helps to determine your car's socket being a ck or a standard socket. A lot of times fuses burn or bulbs malfunction due to mismatch in socket and bulb types.
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