Bubbas Xtreme Pet Odor Eliminator-Super Concentrate Pet Odor Remover Spray - Makes 2 Gallons- Neutralize Dog Odor & Cat Odor in Pet Beds Floor and Carpet. Multi Surface Deodorizer

$24.95 (FREE Shipping)
  • MAKES 2 GALLONS - Extremely Effective Pet Odor Eliminator: Our pet odor remover doesn't mask odors, it neutralizes them on contact. Formulated with more than 70 natural oils that when combined together create an extremely effective Floor & Carpet Deodorizer that will eliminate pet odor on contact better than any top rated pet odor and stain removers on Amazon at a fraction of the cost
  • Grrreat Dog Odor Eliminator: Our dog deodorizer and Odor neutralizer makes a great dog spray that will eliminate smells on Dog Bedding, Pet Furniture, Kennels, Pet Taxis, Synthetic Dog Grass, Concrete and Cages. Remove odors caused by dog urine, feces & vomit. Eliminate dog pee smell to prevent re-marking on rugs and floors. Guaranteed to permanently destroy odors on contact
  • Purrfect Cat Odor Eliminator: Bubbas Xtreme concentrate makes a powerful cat spray and cat urine odor remover for those tough cat pee odors left around the litter box, cat bed, cat furniture, rugs, carpets and floors. Our formula works better and is much more effective on tough cat smells than any pet urine odor remover available and is more cost effective than other national brands
  • Other Household Uses: This is a powerful odor absorber with a multitude of odor control uses. Yes, we market as a pet spray, but see what other smells you can eliminate around your home. Use as a smoke odor eliminator, car deodorizer to destroy odors that penetrate the upholstery and carpets. Laundry, Trash Cans, Refrigerator, Countertops, Garbage Disposal, Shoe Odor, plus much more
  • Makes (8) 32 oz Spray Bottles-2 Gallons Total: For only $3.12 per 32 oz bottle this powerful odor eliminator is very cost effective. It eats away the source of odor and eliminates the problem from returning. Made in the USA and formulated by our in house pharmacist, that way you know it will be safe around kids, pets and your family. Love It or Your Money Back!! Safe Around Kids and Pets
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