CINEMOOD Portable Cinema Projector. Now Includes Disney Family Favorites - Plus Streams Netflix, YouTube, and Video Too! CINEMOOD

$366.07 $399.99
  • CREATE YOUR OWN MOVIE THEATER, WHEREVER YOU GO! The 3" portable, Smart Projector is kid-friendly, with easy directional button controls. It projects images over 12-feet, from HD 1080p resolution. No connection to computer or wall outlet is needed.
  • WATCH 120+ HOURS OF PRELOADED DISNEY AND OTHER KIDS' ENTERTAINMENT. Choose from a huge CINEMOOD digital library that includes 40 Disney e-books and 25+ videos. Also, enjoy 75+ episodes of fun cartoons, plus lots more endearing e-books, popular lullabies, and even hand shadow puppets. No fees, anytime access.
  • STREAM YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS.  Access and stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and YouTube Kids directly from the CINEMOOD menu screen.
  • VIEW NETFLIX CONTENT, FAMILY VIDEOS OR SLIDESHOWS OFFLINE.  Download Netflix content directly onto CINEMOOD, or upload your family videos, slideshows, and photos.
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILY NIGHTS, SLEEPOVERS, CAR OR AIRPLANE TRAVEL, CAMPING AND BACKYARD GET-TOGETHERS. NOTE: Please go through the manual for troubleshooting steps / instructions that is included in the package or contact our Support Team
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