California Home 200g Activated Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Natural, Air Purifying Bag, Dehumidifier, Allergy-Free Filters, Odor Neutralizer for Home, Shoes, Car California Home Goods

  • THE ONLY BAMBOO AIR PURIFYING BAG YOU'LL EVER NEED: With 200 grams of bamboo charcoal deodorizers in each bag, you'll have all you need to clean and freshen up the air in any living space. These charcoal odor absorbers work just as effective in wide and tight spaces. Place 1 or even 2 bamboo charcoal air purifier bags in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, garage, basement, bedroom, or attic
  • REUSABLE & WORKS ANYWHERE: Toss it in your laundry, gym bag, smelly shoes, bathroom or even your car. The charcoal car deodorizer conveniently works anywhere and is reusable for up to two years. Just as long as you lay out the activated bamboo charcoal bags under the sun for at least an hour every month, expect to use this natural charcoal freshener bag a million times over. Say goodbye to endless buying of scented air freshener sprays, scented odor eliminators and home deodorizers
  • YOUR HAPPINESS, OUR MISSION: We here at California Home Goods stand by the quality of every natural bamboo purifying bag. And because we aim to provide you convenience and satisfaction, if in case you're unhappy with your purchase of our natural bamboo charcoal odor eliminator bags, just let us know and we'll do our best to make your overall experience better
  • THE ULTIMATE BAMBOO ODOR ELIMINATOR BAGS FOR PET LOVERS: These charcoal air deodorizer bags are made from carefully sourced particles that are safe for kids, babies, and pets. Each bamboo odor eliminator effectively absorbs urine and fecal odor without causing harm to those you love. The all natural room deodorizer bags from California Home Goods are truly the perfect addition to a pet lover's home
  • A REUSABLE CHARCOAL AIR PURIFYING BAG FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING: Our bamboo activated charcoal odor absorber bag is reusable for up to two years. Recharge each bag of charcoal by putting them under direct sunlight for up to two hours. The UV rays from the sun will reactivate the charcoal deodorizers and clear out any moisture residue inside the bag. These activated charcoal odor absorber bags are definitely eco-friendly
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