BRITENWAY Car Garbage Can - Durable and Sturdy Best Leakproof Auto Litter Bag with 3 Gallon Capacity - A Stylish Bag with Wipe-Clean Inner Surface - A Must-Have Accessory for a Clean & Neat Car briteNway

  • EASY TO INSTALL, USE & CLEAN - The BriteNway JUNKIT is very easy to install and use - Simply hook it around the headrest behind the seat or place it on the floor. The quick Velcro strap makes it easy to remove the bag for emptying trash. Even if something spills inside the litter bag, it is very easy to clean - thanks to the wipe-clean inner surface.
  • 100% LEAK & SPILL PROOF LITTER BAG - Yes, this JUNKIT is fully leak proof! Whether you throw coffee, tea, beer or any other liquid in the bag, you can rest assured that not a drop will spill out of the bag - thanks to the spill proof lining which prevents any spills and keeps your car carpet and upholstery clean and help retain their new-look for longer.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - The unique design of the JUNKIT makes it an incredible travel companion. The JUNKIT features spring frame opening which stays closed when it is not in use and hence keeps trash out of the sight. It also has adjustable strap that lets you easily adjust the space between it and headrest to make it easily accessible.
  • COMPACT YET AMPLE SPACE - The Exclusive design features a large, 3-gallon capacity basket which can hold a lot of litter. The ample size along with durability of the bag let it be used in number of ways like - for carrying tools, supplies or gears like goggles, Frisbee, or drinks.
  • FREE GIFT and 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - With this useful Litter bag, you get an indispensable travel companion - a silk sleep mask & blindfold. Moreover, we also offer you 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.
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