Cleaning Supplies - Kitchen Accessories - Drill Brush - Stove - Countertop - Cooktop - Backsplash - Tile - Oven Pan - Flooring - Hard Water Stain Remover - Calcium - Rust Remover - Soap Scum - Griddle Drillbrush

$10.95 (FREE Shipping)
Color: Medium-green
  • 5-inch diameter drill powered Kitchen scrub brush for Tile, Stove, Oven Rack, and Sink Cleaning.
  • No more scrubbing and scouring with harsh steel wool or "eraser" sponges that fall apart in use.
  • Use the power of your cordless drill to clean your kitchen like never before. Drill NOT included.
  • Medium stiffness nylon bristles all purpose, non-scratch, scrubbing around bathroom surfaces too.
  • Easy to use quarter-inch quick-change rugged steel shaft fits most cordless drills AND drivers.
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