CHARGEWORX Airplane Inflight Magnetic Phone & Tablet Mount - 360 Degrees Rotate Universal Device Flight Seat Holder - Designed Multi-Angled Viewing, Supports Different CellPhones & Tablets ChargeWorx

$12.95 (FREE Shipping)
  • IN-FLIGHT MAGNETIC MOUNT. This accessory allows you to have hands-free viewing of your smartphone or tablet while traveling by plane. Whether you frequently fly for work purposes or travel for pleasure, this accessory is a must-have.
  • EASY SETUP. Clean the back of your smartphone or tablet, then remove the plastic sheet off the back of the metal plate. Place the adhesive side of the metal plate onto the back of your smartphone or tablet so you can attach it to the mount when needed.
  • ATTACH TO TRAY TABLE. Simply stretch the tray grip away from the base, then slip the tray table into the gap. When you let go of the device, the airplane mount should be securely attached to the tray table.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT. The ChargeWorx Airplane In-flight Magnetic Mount is turbulence-tested. Once your device is attached to the mount, you never have to worry about it falling off and hitting the ground.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN. For added convenience, you can adjust the viewing angle to watch videos alone or with your friends. The ball and socket allows you to rotate your device 360 degrees, while the hinge pivots at a 90 -degree angle, making it possible to easily view your device while the tray table is down or in an upright and locked position.
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