Children's Oral Probiotics ~ Dentist Formulated 30 Lozenge Bottle ~ Seven Strains with Blis K12 & M18 ~ Probiotics for Kids ~ Attack Bad Breath, Cavities and Gum Disease ~83 Page eBook Included! Great Oral Health

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  • EFFECTIVE KIDS PROBIOTICS FOR CAVITY PREVENTION-Help your kids to fight tooth decay using our powerful multi-strain oral probiotic blend to build healthier teeth and gums. SAFE AND ALL NATURAL CHEWABLE TABLETS that are 100% MADE IN THE USA at a premier facility for trusted quality and your peace of mind.
  • BOOST AND SUPPORT YOUR CHILD'S IMMUNE SYSTEM-Clinically proven to significantly reduce strep-based throat (and many ear-nose-throat) infections. Your child's mouth is their front gate defense-help them build stronger resistence by promoting a healthy bacterial balance in their oral cavity. Our unique and patented oral probiotic blend is designed build natural defenses against the "bad bacteria" that can make your child sick.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! These natural probiotics will only work if taken correctly and most importantly for long enough! It takes time to rebalance bacteria and fix issues that have taken years to build up. Contact us if you feel for any reason you are not getting results and we WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. Click on "seller" above and message us with any questions that you have.
  • THE ONLY PATENTED FORMULA! Researched and developed by a top holistic dentist our oral probiotics are manufactured to exacting standards in a premier lab facility. For guaranteed strength and ease of use we make our probiotics with the protection of the patented LIVEBAC process-this maintains the potency of the active culture without the trouble of required refrigeration.
  • FEWER SICK DAYS MEAN HAPPIER KIDS AND PARENTS-BLIS K12 was discovered in the mouths of kids that were highly immune to throat illness. It naturally fights off and kills the strep bacteria responsible for most sore throats. Together with BLIS M18 (super-charged defense against ear and nose infections) they form a super barrier and 24/7 guard against these all too common child illnesses. Not only do you kids feel healthier and happier now there are fewer days lost at school and at work.
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