Nano Sponge Cleaning Sponges | Supersized Everyday Heavy Duty Large Household Kitchen, Dish, Tile, Floor & Baseboard Cleaner Sponge | 2 Pack 6 x 4" Life Miracle

$10.97 $19.99 (FREE Shipping)
Size: 6 x 4 Inch (Pack of 2)4.5 x 3 Inch (Pack of 2) See More Choice
  • Scrub and clean virtually ANY surface FASTER, EASIER and MORE CONVENIENTLY using only water!
  • 2-IN-1 DUAL USE SURFACES: Made from two unique weaves of our proprietary Nanolon fiber. One side scrubs, the other absorbs liquids, wipes away and polishes. The scrubbing side is super durable and can scrub almost anything clean, WITHOUT A SCRATCH!
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: The NanoSponge lifts dirt, grease & grime like a magnet! Uniquely Woven Nanolon Fiber that gets rid of food build up and hard to clean places. It's incredibly versatile for kitchens, bathrooms, dishes, baseboards, tile, grout refrigerators, stainless steel, stuck-on messes, glasses, bathrooms, garages... you name it, the NanoSponge can clean it!
  • 100% CHEMICAL FREE NO CHEMICALS NEEDED! ONLY WATER! Our proprietary Nanolon fiber works in reducing those cleaning petrochemicals from your home so you can breathe much easier. Reducing household chemicals may also reduce chemical related sensitivities and allergies.
  • LARGER CLEANING SURFACE: Lasts twice as long as the average sponge. These oversized 6 x 4", super durable sponges cover a larger surface area, and are 50 times more durable than the cheap throwaway sponges.
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