Coolcam Total Wireless Home and Business Security System with 8CH DVR(500GB), WiFi Camera, Entry sensors, PIR Sensor, and Power Plug, App Control by Smartphone CoolCam

  • 1. All in One System: Most cost effective and multi-functional home security system controlled by easy app. The built in magnetic contact sensors and PIR motion sensor will detect any illegal entry and immediately send an alarm notification to your Smartphone. You can then access the WIFI camera to see what is going on in your home and retrieve video recordings from the 8CH DVR.
  • 2. Standalone Video Recorder with Hard Disk + HUB: HUB is connected to your internet router and works as a dedicated router to all home security devices. Our HUB also has a Video Recording function that can connect up to 8 WIFI cameras. Our DVR is easy and simple to use. You can either set a scheduled recording or decide to record continuously. You don't have to pay a monthly fee for video storage or central monitoring.
  • 3. WIFI Camera: Indoor WIFI cameras are 720P and has pan and tilt function. You can view videos from your app, but you can also view all 8 cameras on one screen on your TV monitor that is connected to DVR. For office or small business settings, you have an easy surveillance by just connecting our DVR to any monitors.
  • 4. Sensors: PIR motion sensor detects infrared radiation such as body heat. When PIR detects radiation or heat, it will send signal to HUB to trigger alarm to you. The detection range is 22 ft in radius in 90 degree angle. Contact sensors are triggered when two bodies of the sensors are separated. They are both battery operated and easy to install by self-adhesive tape or simple mounting.
  • 5. Power Plug: You can remotely turn on and off of any electronic devices that are connected to the power plug. When you are away from home, you can set a time schedule to turn on and off lights and turn off appliances that you may have forgotten to turn off before you left home. This is an efficient to control electricity and effective way to protect your home.
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