The Cube: Turns Quicker and More Precisely Than Original; Super-Durable with Vivid Colors 3x3 Cube; Easy Turning and Smooth Play aGreatLife

$12.90 $26.90 (FREE Shipping)
  • GET FASTER AND SHARPER THAN EVER - Superior Corner Cutting at 43 degrees (approximately 1.5 cubies) and 3/4 a cubie reverse engineering. The Cube's internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier and quicker to turn.
  • SMOOTH TURNING SO YOU CAN WIN - This very light hot new speed cube incorporates a generation's worth of ideas to solve all those annoying foibles of the cubes. Frustration free!
  • HIGH QUALITY IN STANDARD SIZE - This standard 3x3x3 (2 inches/56*56*56 mm, 66g) brain teaser is already super-fast without any extra tuning - exactly what you need to speed cube with the best of them - even if you're a beginner.
  • PERFECT GIVEAWAYS, STOCKING FILLERS, BASKET STUFFERS FOR BOYS, GIRLS and EVEN ADULTS - You can never go wring with this popular filler! Suitable for kids and adults.
  • AMAZING CUBE SOLVER APPS FOR IPHONES and IPADS! Solve the cube in less than 22 moves. Get some help with the newest Cube Solver app. Simply get your new Cube on hand scanned as the app prompts, and voila! You're on your way to getting the speed cube challenge conquered!
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