Gift For Daughter Floating Locket Charm Set for a Floating Locket Necklace - DIY Refill Charms Daddy's Girl | Gift from Mom Complete Filled Storage Case with Charms, Crystals and Plate A Touch of Dazzle

$9.99 $32.99 (FREE Shipping)
Color: Christmas Charm Pack
  • DAZZLE CHARM PACKS come with all of the charms, crystals, and plates shown in the picture plus our exclusive hinged charm storage case.
  • You will love the fun of changing your charms and plates. Everyday you can tell a new message with your floating charm necklace (Locket sold separately)
  • Collect them all! Our perfectly themed charm packs are a fantastic way to create new jewelry! DIY Jewelry at your fingertips. Open the charm locket and switch in your thoughts, ideas and message for the day!
  • OUR Exclusively designed engraved stainless steel plate: "My Daughter, Together We Laugh, We Dream, We Love With All Our Hearts"
  • PLUS all of the following: Gold and Red Crystal Heart Charm | Pink Crystal Heart Charm | Gold LOVE Charm | Hot Air Balloon Charm AND a full set of Birthstone Color Glass Gems
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