Derwent Coloured Pencils, Inktense Ink Pencils, Drawing, Art, Metal Tin, 12 Count (0700928) Derwent

Size: 12 Count6 Count11 PiecesStyle: Metal TinPackageWash Set See More Choice
  • VIBRANT SHADES - The round 4mm soft lead core is perfect for bold expressive drawings. The highly pigmented colour is easy to apply and produces a vibrant finish. Includes a range of 12 colours.
  • WATER SOLUBLE - Expand your creative possibilities. Water soluble pencils can be used dry for expressive drawings, or washed out with water to create a bright, yet translucent ink-like effect.
  • PERMANENT COLOUR - Pigments dry quickly and permanently when washed out, minimizing colour bleeding. Once dry, colours can be placed next to each other or layered, without fear of colour bleeding.
  • SURFACE VARIETY - Switch up your artistic canvas. As the colour dries permanently, it's great on fabrics such as silk or cotton. Can also easily be used on paper. Modify the use to fit your project.
  • COLOUR CREATION - Make custom shades by mixing colours together. You can also obtain lighter shades of the same colour by adding water. Mix colours to create a truly unique piece of art.
  • ACCESSORIES - For best results, combine with other Derwent products, such as Derwent Waterbrush Set, Derwent Technique Brushes, Derwent Watercolour Paper Pads and Derwent Carry-All Canvas Bag.
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