India Crafts 120 Bindi Dots Diamond Crystal Fake Nose Stud/Ear Stud Bindi Stickers Bindi Crystal India Crafts

  • * 120 Diamond White Crystal Stone dots of 1 mm size.
  • * This can be use as forehead bindi or fake Ear / Nose stud.
  • * These are self adhesive, ready to use and reusable.With the help of nail tip, pick up stone with the tiny paper base and use it simply as sticker .Hassle free.
  • * These are delicate stone dots made on the base of a small circle ring and a tiny paper base.Please peel it carefully with the help of your nail tip with the tiny paper base on, as glue is fix on the paper base itself.
  • * Perfect for Party Prom /Festival or any other occasion.Can be use for forehead decoration or craft work.
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