Dr. Frederick's Original Gel Toe Separators - Bunion Pain Relief for Men & Women - 6 Pieces - Medium Dr. Frederick's Original

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  • 6 PIECES INCLUDED: We know these little toe separators are easy to misplace, so we give you a handful to lose at your leisure. That's 3 pairs of toe spacers that are all the same size. This isn't a variety pack, because when you find the right size for you, you don't need all the other sizes.
  • TAKE A STEP TOWARDS LESS PAIN - Dealing with pain associated with bunions is never any fun, but our remarkable TPE Gel Toe Spreaders help deliver true, untouchable relief by spreading the toe, keeping unwanted pain and friction at bay! Whether you're wearing shoes or not, our relief is what you're looking for!
  • CUSTOMIZED COMFORT: Choose from 3 available sizes our get all three for extra-customized comfort.
  • EASY WASH: Our gel is easy clean, and always at the ready for you. With just a little soap and water, quickly and easily wash our toe separator by hand, and keep your kit sanitary and ready for the next use! By offering better materials with higher convenience, we make bunion care quick, easy, and accessible!
  • PLEDGE TO ALWAYS BE ETHICAL: The team at 'Dr. Frederick's Original' is headed by medical professionals and will never make unfounded claims about the benefits of our products. Bunion pads & spacers are designed for pain relief both before and after surgery. Some competitors offer a 'cure', but correction of bunions with these and similar devices is not typical and usually requires corrective bunion surgery.
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