EASYTAR Foldable Car Sunshade Sun Protector Car Window Auto Visor Shield Cover UV Protector Car Shades Windshield Keeps Vehicle Cool (6PCS-one set) EASYTAR

$14.99 $29.99
  • UV & SUN DAMAGE PROTECTION: Protect the interior of your vehicles, your pets, your passengers and yourself from harmful rays and overheated damage.
  • EMPERATURE REGULATING: Reflective Silver Coated Nylon works to shield from the sun and reflects sunshine back to keep your interior cool and comfortable during the hottest days of the summer
  • EASY SETUP: Simply place against the windshield with the silver side facing out and secure in place by folding down the sun visors.
  • Protect you and your children, pets and babies from harmful sunlight.
  • Folds into compact stylish pouch for easy storage. Light weight, foldable and easy to carry. Perfect fit for all car windshields.
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