Excelvan K18-V Bluetooth Wireless Audio Cable USB Charger Microphone Portable Handheld with Receptor Support APP for Bar KTV Home Party Speech Presentation Excelvan

$23.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • Two Connection Modes: Bluetooth mode or Line-in mode. Line-in mode supports 3.5mm audio cable, support more devices which do not support Bluetooth, like smart phone, TV, tablets, STB and etc.
  • Memory Function: You can adjust the volume of background music through MUSIC VOL key. It has the memory function, which stores the setting before you turn it off, and next time you turn it on, it won't be changed.
  • Adjustable Background Music: It can be adjusted automatically as long as you push the MIC FIRST button. When you talk to the microphone, the background music turns down automatically.
  • Energy Saving: Automatic power saving mode. The microphone will automatically shut down if not in use more than 5 minutes to save power.
  • Application: Excelvan microphone is available at any occasions, like home karaoke, party, presentation, speech, teaching and meetings.
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