FUELWORKS Auto Shut-Off Diesel Nozzle, 1' Inlet Size, 1 & 3/16' Diameter Spout. for Diesel Usage ONLY Fuelworks

$49.99 $100.00 (FREE Shipping)
Size: 1 & 3/16 Spout Size15/16 Spout Size See More Choice
  • AGRICULTURE: The product has 1 & 3/16' diameter Spout. It is the perfect heavy duty tool for industrial applications.
  • MULTI-FUEL DISPENSER: This product can dispense multiple fuel types such as diesel and kerosene.
  • QUALITY: It has commercial grade plastic coated hand lever for water and abrasion resistance.
  • FLOW-RATE: The product has a dispensing rate of 26 Gallons per Minute.
  • Please note that a minimum of 10 PSI is required to operate the auto shut-off.
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