APANA Fitness Yoga 6mm Firm Grip Padded Printed Mat, Brown Southwest Print Apana

$34.99 $50.00 (FREE Shipping)
  • BALANCE WITH CONFIDENCE: This fitness mat is cushioned with just the right amount of padding to provide comfort and support for your body as you do a variety of routines
  • SAFETY FIRST: Featuring its sturdy structure and grip, be slip-free and worry-free as this mat will keep your hands and feet firmly in place, through every pose
  • FUN AND EXCITING: Keep your exercises exciting with an array of colorful and vibrant 6mm mats that look great and remind you that a workout can be fun
  • MADE TO LAST: With its ultra-dense and sturdy performance, this fitness mat is guaranteed to last, so you can enjoy it for years to come
  • USE IT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: This portable yoga mat is foldable and can be used anytime, anywhere, fitting in to your active and busy lifestyle. Take it to the park or bring it along to the office for quick yoga breaks by your desk
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