Flesser Yoga Sports GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Alignment Pain Health Massage Socks (Black), 28x8cm Flesser

  • Doctor Recommended Toe Stretchers Straighten Toes & Increase Flexibility
  • Easy to slow down your big toe or bunion developing, Good care for your feet after long high heels wearing,Prevention and treatment for: bunions, hammer toes, Plantar Fasciitis, foot pain, diabetic feet, Deep Vein Thrombosis, poor circulation, heel spurs, claw toes, bunionettes (tailors bunion) and mallet toes.
  • By wearing toe socks can be well separated from the toes to prevent cross infections between the toes
  • Created to revolutionize how we care for our feet, you simply put them on and these socks do all the work! A vacation for your feet. It's an easy and effective way to condition and strengthen this often overlooked part of the body
  • Foot alignment socks, suitable for women shoe sizes 6-10,Environmental silica particles strengthens friction with floor. Perfect grip sock for you to practice yoga or pilates while traveling, at the studio, of at home
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