Gee Gadgets 414844 Two Sided Car Wash Sponge - Chenille Microfiber Duel Scrubber with Built in Hand-Strap - Absorbent and Scratch-Free Clean - by Gee Gadgets

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Color: Blue
Size: 1 Pack See More Choice
  • FAST, CONVENIENT CAR WASH SPONGE: This two sided sponge has a built in hand strap, to make it easy to use & give you better cleaning control. Completely picks up dirt & grime to leave your car sparkling.
  • CHENILLE MICROFIBER SCRUBBING SURFACE: This plush, high quality material is soft enough that it won't leave scratches, but the added surface area provided by the microfiber attracts and traps dirt.
  • STRONG & DURABLE PRODUCT: This deluxe cleaning tool is built tough, to withstand the intense motions you make while washing your car, so it won't fall apart while washing or leave lint behind.
  • ULTRA ABSORBENT: Our thick microfibers are heavily absorbent and easily retains water and soap for maximum lather and superior rinsing. Wipe away dust & grime without leaving streaks or soap swirls.
  • WASHABLE & DRYABLE: This easy-clean scrubber is 100% machine washable. Throw it in your washer on a low heat, gentle cycle & afterwards toss it in your dryer for simple maintenance between car washes.
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