GoPets Deshedding Tool with Self Cleaning Curved Comb, Sturdy and Ergonomic Handle, 4-Inch Blade GoPets

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  • SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY - BEST DESHEDDING TOOL ON AMAZON TO ELIMINATE THE HAIRBALL TUMBLE WEEDS IN YOUR HOUSE - No more hair on your clothes and couches! Reduces shedding by up to 95% with only one 15 minute grooming session a week. Works great with our slicker brushes and combs for thinning, combing and brushing.
  • FASTEST AND MOST COMFORTABLE DESHEDDER FOR YOUR PETS - our 4 inch long unique curved comb design contours to your pets body making it more comfortable and more efficient than traditional flat blade deshedding tools. With the automatic fur ejector button, it makes cleaning the brush a breeze.
  • LEAVE A HEALTHY AND SHINY TOPCOAT BEHIND - While still removing the loose undercoat. Works great for a small, medium, or large dog or cat that has short, medium, or long hair. Get fantastic results on any of your furry friends and make this a must have in your pet grooming supplies basket.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY 4 inch, Strong, Stainless Steel Comb, With Safe Blade Cover that protects the blades life span after you use it each time. STRONG Robust handle that simply will not break.
  • BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE - Our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee - ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU! We offer a REPLACEMENT TOOL or REFUND if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase! GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY when you buy with GoPets we donate a portion of all our profits to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues so you can give back to your furry friends and their communities.
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