9005(HB3) 6000K 80W LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit ,Leakind Plug and Play N7 Series Arc Beam Lamp - 8000Lumen 3 Year Warranty Leakind

$29.99 $46.99
  • ★★3 YEARS WARRANTY: 6000K,80W,8000Lm(40W and 4000Lms per bulb),50000Hours
  • ★★BRIGHT BRILLANT LIGHT:9005(HB3) Headlight Bulbs adopted the super bright high power flip chip, 360 degree clear beam, standard beam pattern, LED lighting almost with no dark spot or foggy light, Low Power Consumption than Halogen bulb, Energy Saving,it able to provide greater light output with much less power consumption- more secure more efficient night driving.
  • ★★HIGH SPEED COOLING MUTE FAN SYSTEM(12000R/Min): Adopted the heat-electric seperated technology system,360 degree heat radiating, forced cooling, bulbs doesn't release much heat (the housing is still cool with the light on),Fan sound less than 10 decibels, almost no noise, perfect fit with the light bulb.
  • ★★PLUG and PlAY: Built-in constant current CPU, no warm up time,Instant on (Max bright right away) - Perfect experience.
  • ★★100% WEATHER-PROOF:pair of HB3(9005) super-bright performance bulbs,Make sure your car is not affected by the weather and work properly
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