Starlettos Designer High Heel Protectors for Weddings, Graduations and Formal Events - Stops Your Heels Sinking Starlettos

$9.95 $12.95 (FREE Shipping)
  • ULTRA TOUGH - While other heel protectors can easily break STARLETTOS use strong premium grade materials for maximum durability.
  • PROTECT YOUR HEELS - Our patented design, grips different heel shapes to avoid the scrapes and damage that many hard-plastic protectors can cause.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Suitable for 8-14mm heel width. Save money instead of purchasing different sized heel protectors.
  • WEAR THEN RE-USE - Tough enough to wear, remove, then store in the gorgeous satin pouch (included) and wear again at your next event.
  • STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY AND DISCREET - Don't wear PLAIN NO FRILL protectors with your best heels. Wear stylish protectors with your stylish heels!
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