Pair 9005(HB3) 160W 16,000LM LED Headlight Conversion Kit Hi or Low Beam Bulbs 6000K White with Perfect Light Pattern – 2 Year Warranty Bowoshen

  • 1. 2017 Newest design of LED headlight, professional chip with more concentrated lighting; the lighting lumen has been upgraded to 16,000LM, which is 400% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights and much brighter than other LED lights in the market.
  • 2. The latest technology to ensure a Flawless Beam Pattern without any dark spots or foggy light, and it won't blind oncoming drivers when driving.
  • 3. The luminous point of our product is at the same position of your original factory headlight, which make it perfectly match the same lighting effect of your original lights.
  • 4. Smart Efficient Cooling System, Built-In Cooling Fans For Fast Heat Dissipation; Low Power Consumption than Halogen bulb or Hid Kit, Energy Saving;
  • 5. Easy installation, they be installed within 20 minutes. Just plug and play. These bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with most vehicle's computer system without error. If you are not sure whether the right, please contact us before purchase.
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