4 Pack Car Seat Headrest Hooks by Villexun, Strong Durable Backseat Headrest Hanger Storage For Handbags, Purses, Coats, and Grocery Bags, Universal Vehicle Car Seat Back Headrest Bottle Holder Villexun

$14.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • Anyway simple and easy to use is a popular secret. Just hook the red circle on the stay of the headrest and be ready. Then only hook luggage to yellow bullets (2 types to choose). It is very simple, but this is useful anyway.
  • General packages are in the upper hook part. You can quickly hang up. This alone eliminates the concern of rolling loads. It is convenient when putting out the contents of the bag from the driver's seat if you remove only one side of the baggage possession. As the adjuster is attached, it is also a point that you can adjust the length freely by the package.
  • Loop part is active for luggage which is hard to get caught. If the hand is a thick type like a wood type bag or a Boston bag, it can not be hooked with a normal hook. In such a case the loop is very convenient.
  • Different according to the scene differently! Although the mechanism is simple, it is an idea product that sticks to the function. You can use it not only on the front of the seat, but also by turning it all the way around. The load capacity is 5 kg.
  • This is also an adjuster length can be changed freely, so you can respond to various types.
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