HoLife Vacuum Sealer, Food Sealer 8 Mode Sealer Built-In Bag Roll Storage & Cutter, Food Vacuum Saver HoLife

  • Vacuum Sealer has been designed and inspired with the sportsman at heart. The rugged style has designed to handle durable jobs which it's particularly perfect for the fishermen as well as hunters who have worked hard for their games and would not want it to go waste in the end their effort.
  • Wider strip provides braced sealing along with extra protection aiding with creating a good airtight sealing which helps to maintain foods fresher and longer. Thuctek vacuum sealer will retain food fresh for 5 times longer as compared to regular safe-keeping methods
  • No more worry about the food liquid will cross contaminating your uncooked foods and build up bacteria. Comes with the patented drip tray, this vacuum will carry the sucked out liquid and make Sous-Vide cooking become more common.
  • Easily change between Normal and Gentle mode, this vacuum sealer ensures the freshness of the moist and dry foods, protects almost all of your foods from crushing throughout the sealing procedure. (Delicate foods like soft berries, lettuce, potato chips, bread, and other baked goods can be difficult to vacuum seal. Please choose the correct mode.)
  • Thuctek provides food grade material reusable vacuum bag (5*20cm*30cm), rolls (1*20cm*200cm), and 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guaranty for the machine.
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