GS27 Titanium Car Scratch Remover Kit GS27

  • THE SCRATCH REPAIR SOLUTION: Repair scratches from your car, motorbike and other metallic surfaces yourself at home with the original universal Titanium Scratch Remover formulated by GS27. Made in France
  • HARD TO PREVENT, EASY TO CORRECT: Scratches to your car are inevitable. Shopping carts, keys, dogs and trees are all things that could come in contact with your motor vehicle and cause unsightly scrapes and scratches, and thereby reduce the value offer of your car. Luckily, we have a cheap cost effective easy to use solution
  • EASY TO USE DIY KIT: Surface scratches and scrapes on the bodywork of your car does not have to cost a fortune to repair or repaint. Restore your cars bodywork to a flawless smooth shine with this auto scratch remover. Simply apply with the microfibre cloth included and polish gently
  • HOW IT WORKS: The scratch remover kits concentrated formula fills the scratch on your vehicle with a titanium microparticles, erasing the scratch permanently through deflecting light from the scratch that renders it invisible. The formula is strong and effective and requires no strenuous buffing
  • OTHER USES: The scratches repair kit does not only work to eliminate ugly scratches on the bodywork of your car, but also removes scratches and rust from chrome bumpers, alloy, aluminum, or chrome rims, and other metallic surfaces like stainless steel fridges, microwave ovens, kettles, toasters and more
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